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Board of Education incumbent not running for reelection

Anita Herrmann has served on the SSD board for 13 years

SUNNYVALE, CA — October 19, 2018 — Sunnyvale School District Board Member Anita Herrmann announced during the Oct. 18 board meeting that she will not be running for reelection on Nov. 6.

She reported that she has served 13 years and with the three other quality candidates running for the seats, she has decided not to serve another term.  She also notes that the Sunnyvale School District is on a very positive trajectory, with competent administrators and staff and good supports so teachers can excel.

“Thank you to the community for allowing me to serve on the Sunnyvale School Board.  I enjoyed working with my colleagues on the Board and the Administration to maintain programs during times of financial uncertainty and expand programs when possible.  Careful stewardship also allowed Sunnyvale to avoid teacher layoffs, making SSD an attractive place for teachers to work.”

Anita was first elected to the board in 2005. She most recently served as the Vice President of the 2014-2015 school board.  Prior to that, she served as President and Clerk.  She is currently on the Facilities and Finance and Wellness subcommittees. 

She served as co-chair on both Measure B campaigns as well as the Measure G campaign to raise funds for our schools. For several years, Anita volunteered with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at Sunnyvale Middle School and has helped several students over the years through Reading Partners at Vargas and San Miguel elementary schools. 

She served as PTA President at Cherry Chase and SMS, as well as other positions. Anita earned an M.S. in Electrical Engineering with a math minor from Georgia Tech.  She earned a B.A. in Architecture and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University.  She attended public schools in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida.

“I appreciate Anita’s ongoing support of the district and of me and my administration,” said Superintendent Benjamin Picard. “She has been an engaged leader in our school district, supporting our students through Reading Partners, serving as PTA president at Cherry Chase and by serving on several subcommittees. I will miss her service on the board.”

Board members also expressed their thanks and gratitude for Anita’s service.

“Anita was so welcoming to me when I got on the board,” said Michelle Maginot, board vice president. “She has been helpful and supportive as I have learned the role of a board member. I am so grateful for her service to our school district and our students over all these years.”

“In all her years on the board, Anita has always been extremely supportive of the district- our staff and our students,” said board president Reid Myers. “She has also been very generous. We are appreciative of her contributions and her support.”

“I admire Anita's advocacy and volunteer efforts to develop student literacy,” board member Jeffrey Arnett added. “Early in her service on the board, she pushed for language programs to be included in our school curriculum. I believe such efforts led to the development of our Juntos Spanish-English dual immersion program at San Miguel.”

“What I appreciate most about her and her board service was she really advocated for the needs of all of the students in our district,” said board clerk Nancy Newkirk. “Anita touched the lives of youth in our district beyond our board duties. Quietly, Anita showed generosity in her support of our community partnerships such as Acknowledge Alliance, Sunnyvale Community Services, Community Health Awareness Council and Our Kids and Our Community activities. We appreciate her care and advocacy for students and their families.”

The Sunnyvale School District has two other board members up for reelection: Jeffrey Arnett and Michelle Maginot. You can read about them on the district website at https://www.sesd.org/Page/809. Also running is board candidate, Bridget Watson.

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