Here's who's supporting Michelle

Elected Officials

Ro Khanna, U.S.  House of Representatives 

Jerry Hill, State Senate

Marc Berman, State Assembly

Glenn Hendricks, Mayor, City of Sunnyvale

Larry Klein, Vice Mayor, City of Sunnyvale 

Gustav Larsson, Sunnyvale City Council

Russ Melton, Sunnyvale City Council

Nancy Smith, Sunnyvale City Council

Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor & former Sunnyvale City Council

Reid Myers, President, Sunnyvale School Board

Nancy Newkirk, Sunnyvale School Board

Roy Rocklin, FUHSD School Board

Melinda Hamilton, former Sunnyvale Mayor

Tara Martin-Milius, former Sunnyvale Vice Mayor 

Pat Vorreiter,  former Sunnyvale Mayor

Shelly Masur, Redwood City School Board (former) & Redwood City Council (current)

Nancy Tivol, former Sunnyvale School Board 

Linda Kilian, former Sunnyvale School Board 

Peggy Quillinan, former Sunnyvale School Board 

Sunnyvale School District Parents

Carolyn Tanner, Bishop Elementary

Amanda Cooper, Cherry Chase Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Kelly & Jim Lee, Cherry Chase Elementary

Cynthia Lee, Columbia Middle

Erin & Andy Buteau, Cumberland Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Mikila and Connor Duke, Cumberland Elementary

Nathalie Bize, Cumberland Elementary

Sharmila Gopinathan, Ellis Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Julie MacMillian, Ellis Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Anna & Pete Dumesnil, Ellis Elementary

Emilie & Scott Holzer, Ellis Elementary

Michele Ragon, Ellis Elementary

Julianne Geddes (Educator), Ellis Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Nicole Reed, Ellis Elementary

Poom Kulphaisal, Ellis Elementary

Brittany Dawson, Fairwood Explorer Elementary

Erica Swanson, Fairwood Explorer Elementary

Brian Smith, Fairwood Explorer Elementary

Debbie Erickson, Lakewood Elementary

Debbi Headley (Educator), San Miguel Elementary and Columbia Middle

Rebecca (Educator) and Andy Mathenia, Vargas Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle

Stephanie Miles, Sunnyvale Middle

Community Members

Jamie McCleary Brown, Educator

Francesca Gutierrez, Teacher

Celeste Deggeller, Teacher

Laurel McNeil, Teacher

Seamus Quillinan, Teacher

LeRoy Porter, Former Dir. of Pupil Personnel & Special Ed., Redwood City School District 

Vonda Porter, Former Educator

Alan Evans

Patti Evans, City of Sunnyvale Housing and Human Services Commissioner & Former Teacher

Megan Mayo

Sue Serrone

Sandi Spires

Cynthia Robles 

Judy Black

Christina & Juan Montalvo

Michael Zuccato (Zuc)

*All titles are for identification purposes only

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